Tuesday, September 27, 2022

Sean Strickland Thrilled To Live Out His Fantasies On Belal Muhammad

Sean Strickland wants Belal Muhammad to know how excited he is to live out his desert fantasies with him.

Sean Strickland has swiftly developed a reputation as one of the more, shall we say, ‘eccentric’ members of the UFC roster. In recent weeks, all that eccentricity was reserved mostly for his original UFC 268 opponent, Luke Rockhold. After going on vulgar rants aimed at Rockhold and threatening parking-lot violence, Strickland is now pushing out of the parking lot and venturing out into the desert. And he wants to take Belal Muhammad with him.

After Rockhold withdrew from UFC 268 due to back injury, one of the names that stepped forward to be his replacement was Belal Muhammad. Muhammad called out Strickland, whom he deemed to be a “piece of trash,” and received one of Strickland’s expletive-laden responses for his efforts.

One thing Muhammad took particular notice to beyond all the F-bombs and the like was Strickland’s mention of rankings. Since Strickland has said in the past that he doesn’t care about the rankings or the world title, Muhammad found the “rejection” to be more of a “revelation” of the type of man Strickland really is. And he was sure to let Strickland know that in the following Instagram post.

“After his last fight, <macho voice>“Aw, man, I’m a bad boy. I wanna kill somebody in the cage! I wanna be the first person to murder somebody! Blah-blah-blah, blah-blah-blah. I don’t care about titles. I’m an airhead; I’m a moron.’

“Now, it’s <wimpy voice>  ‘Oh, I want to fight ranked guys that are above me that are gonna get me closer to the title shot. And if it’s possible, can I fight in my hometown?’ <sigh> I know you had that fake persona. You’re soft.”

Sean Strickland Talks Desert Fantasies With Belal Muhammad

After viewing Muhammad’s video, Strickland decided to throw out an outlandish request to his challenger. While Strickland still doesn’t view a fight with Muhammad inside the Octagon to be feasible, he feels the two can meet up in the desert instead to do only Strickland knows what (Video courtesy of Twitter user @Tranracialangel).

“Muhammad, you need to know something, man. The UFC will never let us fight unless I get fucked up or you come to middleweight and get ranked,” Strickland said on his Instagram Stories. “And honestly, man, I’ll give you an offer because I fuckin’ like you, dude. I think you’re fuckin’ funny. I laughed at your Instagram post. It’s fuckin’ hilarious. But I want to make you an offer.

“You’re gonna be in Vegas next week. Me and you, we can meet up in the desert, dude, and we can just do some weird shit together, dude. Because it’s so wild to me. This is something I’ve always fantasized about, you know? And you’re like a gazelle that wants to be a lion, and you’re accepting what I want to do to you. And, like, dude, I want to do some weird shit to you, man. Like, ah, man, it’s so exciting that you’re so OK with doing it. There’s some things I’ve fantasized about for a long time, and I feel like you’re gonna let me do it to you.”

Sean Strickland, ladies and gentlemen.

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