Thursday, September 29, 2022

Tate Doubles Down On Ladd Criticism, Then Defends Her

The feud between Miesha Tate and Aspen Ladd has taken an unexpected turn following the latter’s defeat to Norma Dumont at UFC Vegas 40.

For the last few weeks, the duo has engaged in a war of words stemming from Ladd’s failure to make weight for her fight against Macy Chiasson. Ladd, who nearly fainted on the scale, was forced to pull out of the bout and later branded a cheater by Tate, who accused the 26-year-old of tipping the scale in her favor. 

Ladd’s coach, Jim West, shot back by calling Tate “a coward” in a since-deleted tweet. And speaking to the press a day before her fight with Dumont, Ladd criticized Tate for kicking her while she was down, before adding that “maybe we’ll meet down the road.”

“Cupcake” soon took to Twitter to return serve, doubling down on her accusation that Ladd did indeed cheat during her unsuccessful weigh-in.

“Some people aren’t afraid to call it like they see it. It’s not an attack on you going through something unpleasant, I don’t wish bad on anyone. You tried to manipulate the scale to read a weight that was not accurate. That’s unfair play, If anything I’d say I’m defending Macy,” tweeted Tate.

Miesha Tate Defends Aspen Ladd Following Her Defeat

Now, following Ladd’s defeat to Dumont on Saturday, Tate has injected an intriguing plot twist into the duo’s vendetta.

Having not fought since December 2019, Ladd looked notably lackluster in her return to the Octagon, and this wasn’t lost on her coach Jim West. Between rounds, West gave his fighter a good deal of the hairdryer treatment, wildly screaming at Ladd for her inability to pull the trigger.

Tate took notice during the fight and fired off a tweet scolding West for his perceived sexism.

“This is ABUSE, what a douche”

@Jwestgold15 would never speak to one of his male fighters the way he has to Aspen. Hate to see it. Been there before…”

A few of Tate’s followers challenged her assertion, pointing out that West’s straight-shooting cornering led to a TKO victory for Ladd in her last outing. Tate would then respond by putting her beef with Ladd aside and fiercely defending the #3-ranked women’s bantamweight.

“She woulda done that without him it’s who she is. He will take credit for her win but never for her loss. Trust me she can only take so much of this abuse before it breaks her spirit.”

“You’re joking me right? Maybe the only reason she’s even starting slow is because of him. She is a FIGHTER and there’s only one thing holding her back.”

When one fan pointed out that Ladd was nearing tears between rounds, Tate acknowledged making the same observation.

“Glad I’m not the only one to see it.”

What do you think? Is Miesha Tate right—did Jim West go too far?

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