Friday, December 9, 2022

Ferguson Unleashes On McGregor, McGregor Responds With A Fury

Now that Tony Ferguson has Conor McGregor‘s attention, he is going out of his way to make sure he keeps it.

Yesterday, Tony Ferguson did something he has done many times in the past: call out Conor McGregor. Ferguson isn’t the first person to call out The Notorious One, and he certainly won’t be the last. However, unlike some of the other big names to challenge McGregor, the Irishman has consistently ignored Ferguson. That all changed Friday after an assist from Nate Diaz.

Friday, Nate Diaz tweeted an image of Tony Ferguson, seemingly hinting at having interest in a superfight between the two. Conor McGregor injected himself into the conversation, even stating that he’d like to fight both Ferguson and Diaz at some point. It wasn’t long after McGregor made that statement that Ferguson returned to Twitter to completely unleash on the Irishman.

All I read was “look how big he has gotten” My man! These clowns are fucked when I get back, McGregor posted before Ferguson’s Twitter onslaught:

“Taking Growth Hormone Will Do That To Someone’s Build. You’re Mentally Weak & Your Leg Is Compromised. Your Fragile, Frail & Breakable. That GH Gon’ Make U Break Kid. Keep Pumpin’ Ya Chest Ya Cheat. Not The 1st Time God Punished You. You Like Picking On People And DJ’s? WTF Pussy”

The close of that tweet is referring to Conor McGregor’s latest controversy, which was an alleged assault of Italian DJ Francesco Facchinetti that took place last weekend. It sounds as though Ferguson would like Facchinetti to leave the authorities out of it and allow El Cucuy to exact punishment on “The Notorious” instead. If the following response from McGregor is to be believed, he won’t be hard to find.

“Me and you are fighting one day mate and I gonna end your life in there full of it. Sauce. Money. Power. I already won all the belts and the money in this game I just wanna kill one of yous rats in there now it’s the only thing left for me to do. And Watch me do it. Only on PPV.”

McGregor would then roast Ferguson for exiting the management team they once shared, Paradigm Sports.

“Tony was douped into signing with another agency on the premise he would receive a pro Baseball contract hahahaha a pro fucking baseball contract now he’s in legal turmoil with this crowd ahahahah no shit Jose canseco what did you fucking think would happen empty head.”

The Irishman wouldn’t stop there. He would then proceed to take a shot at Tony Ferguson’s 2019 domestic incident in a since-deleted tweet.

“Omg, god bless you kid. Mental basket sad case. I am going to share your scared wife’s video that was sent to us of you screaming crying as you smash your house up. What a sad bastard u are. No brains. Empty head. Losing streak. No management. Wife sending us videos in fear,” the tweet read.

MMA News will keep you in the loop if/when there are any updates on this exchange between Tony Ferguson and Conor McGregor, so be sure to keep it locked right here.