Saturday, December 10, 2022

Vettori Says He Will ‘F—k Adesanya Up’ On Sight

Marvin Vettori is tired of being disrespected by Israel Adesanya.

Vettori successfully rebounded from his title fight rematch loss to Adesanya by defying pre-fight weight drama and beating Paulo Costa in a slugfest. While most fans watching were entertained by the back and forth fight, the middleweight champ was not so kind and made his feelings known with a video that he posted shortly after.

It seems that Vettori is fed up with the antics of The Last Stylebender and decided to respond when asked about Adesanya’s recent comments while speaking to TMZ. Here, the top middleweight contender said that he is aware of the position he is in right now, having two losses to the champ, but he firmly believes that he will meet Adesanya in the Octagon once more.

“He’s full of shit, man. He never give me credit, but he knows. He knows what’s up. I’m the only guy that’s gonna beat him, and eventually, I will. It’s just a matter of time. Let’s see how he goes with Whittaker, but I’m right there, and I’m the biggest opposition for him, and he knows that,” Vettori said.

That being said, Marvin Vettori is not only limiting the idea of throwing down with Israel Adesanya, to just a fight in the cage. He says even if it is in the streets, the next time he sees Adesanya he is throwing hands.

“I saw a glimpse of that video, and he’s full of shit, man. I’m gonna f—k him up the next time I see him. That’s for sure.” 

Vettori’s final message for Adesanya was a simple one. He says that he knows he is on the champ’s mind despite their two fight results, and that one day they will meet again.

“Adesanya, I’m coming for you, man. It’s just a matter of time. I’m in your head rent free. You know that.”

There is certainly a hard road ahead of Marvin Vettori to get another chance to dethrone Israel Adesanya. With that in mind, it is impossible to fault him for trying to go after the champ like this.

Watch the full interview below: