Monday, November 28, 2022

Billy Joe Saunders Denies Accusations Of Stabbing Person After Street Fight

The 30-1 boxer Billy Joe Saunders has denied allegations that he stabbed an individual after a street fight went south.

According to the father of the alleged victim at least one of his sons fought with Saunders. The dual-weight world champion is then accused of pulling a knife and stabbing Johnny Dunne in the hand. Saunders is also accused of carrying a firearm but refused to pull the trigger when pointing the weapon at the second son and/or third son Patrick, who was also involved in the confrontation.

“Billy Joe, you pulled a knife, you drived it straight through my son’s hand and out the far side,” The man in the video said to Billy Joe Saunders. “He had a better chance of being world champion boxer than you, god knows where his future’s gone now with the injury you give him in his hand. You drove a knife straight through his hand. You pulled a gun and you stuck it in my Patrick’s face. He told you to pull the trigger but you never had the balls. You never had the balls to pull the trigger.”

The man alleges that Saunders pulled weapons and three of his sons were involved, with one ending up in the hospital and two at the police station following the incident.

“You pulled your weapons, you got my sons arrested,” he added. “My two sons now, there’s one in hospital getting his hand fixed and the other two is up in the police station over ye for starting that fight in a public place.” (Transcribed by British Boxing News)

Billy Joe Saunders Denies Accusations

After hearing of the story circulating on social media, Billy Joe Saunders issued a statement on Instagram. Saunders categorically denies all of the claims made by the accuser. In addition, Saunders’ statement indicates that he won’t discuss the matter further since ongoing litigation is more than likely next.

“Billy Joe denies accusations that he stabbed someone and pulled a gun after losing a street fight” Jordan Ellis posted.

Billy Joe Saunders has not competed since suffering his one, lone boxing defeat in May. While the allegations against Saunders remain unsubstantiated, if details pertaining to the case emerge, MMA News will keep you on the pulse.