Friday, December 9, 2022

(VIDEO) Brawl Ignited After MMA Fighter Throws Mic At Foe’s Teammate

MMA Fighter Dmitry Klimov threw a microphone at a potential opponent following his submission victory at Hardcore FC 13 and chaos engulfed the cage.

Dmitry Klimov picked up his third victory with the promotion on Nov. 11 against Nazir Kishukov. The win was an emphatic one at that, as the 3-1 professional slapped on an arm-bar before the first round could conclude. After the in-cage success, a teammate of the losing MMA fighter Kishukov took to the cage, seemingly in an effort to promote a future fight.

Suffice it to say, Dmitry Klimov wasn’t picking up what Kishukov’s teammate was putting down. After a few words were spoken, the adrenaline-driven winner didn’t take long to launch his microphone like a throwing dart.

“Another normal week in Russia” a fan of Hardcore FC shared.

After the epic mic throw, Klimov followed up with a left high kick that missed the mark. The potential opponent responded with a right hand that connected under Klimov’s shoulder. After that, disorder took over the cage. Several teammates and officials were needed to break up the emotionally-charged brawl.

The submission that lead to the series of unfortunate events was painful to watch. After Kishukov absorbed a barrage of ground and pound, Klimov transitioned to an arm-bar and torqued it until screams of agony were heard throughout the building. Dmitry Klimov expanded his winning streak to three with the recent victory, all of which have come by finish.

What did you make of the microphone throw that led to the wild brawl at Hardcore FC 13?