Sonnen & McGregor Exchange Words, “The Bad Guy” Issues Warning

Chael Sonnen pulled out all the stops recently while talking about Conor McGregor, and the Irishman has fired back.

Sonnen has traded barbs with McGregor a handful of times over the years. While “The American Gangster” typically spends his time as a troll throwing shade at Jon Jones, he has never hesitated to poke some fun at the former champ-champ as well.

The most recent edition of this came after Sonnen saw McGregor pacing back and forth in front of his tv, watching Max Holloway’s introduction prior to his UFC Vegas 42 main event over Yair Rodriguez. After seeing this, the former middleweight and light heavyweight title challenger ripped McGregor, saying that he was too involved in his own schtick, and was becoming a weirdo, posting the clip from his show to his Twitter.

“Conor is on the verge of being a little rich weirdo. It’s the last thing I wanted for him, but if you mark out to your own gimmick to this extent, he’s posting things and then he’s deleting them. I mean, I’ve got to give the troll effort 100%, as a former troll myself, I get it. If there’s a UFC, you didn’t step a foot at it, you didn’t throw a single punch, and you can steal a headline on ESPN+, you’re doing something well, but in all fairness, Conor isn’t going to step in there with Max, any more than he was going to step in with the guy last week, the week before that, or whoever he pulls out of his hat next week,” Sonnen said.

“He’s got to heal himself. There’s talks of Dustin Poirier, but he smashed him twice. In all fairness, Conor is still a big draw, but he’s really working against himself. He is being a weirdo. Is this what he wants with his identity? A guy that walks around with his shirt off, screaming at a television set? I mean, come on. In all fairness, when you were 22 years old, that was one thing. But as a husband and a father, you’re a little bit of a dork.”

“The Notorious” Responds To “The Bad Guy”

Of course, this outburst from Chael Sonnen did not take long to make its way back around to Conor McGregor himself. He replied to the video, mocking Sonnen for not having as much money as he does yet being weird in his own right.

“πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ says the little broke weirdo hahahahhahaha,” McGregor quipped.

Sonnen Issues Warning As Matters Escalate

After McGregor’s response, “The Bad Guy” provided the following warning to his fellow notorious trash talker.

“It’s not too late to stay off my radar Just put down the shot-glass of awful bottom-shelf whiskey, turn off your phone, and back outta the big-boy saloon niiiice n’ sloooow…”

“Oh; And leave a nice heartfelt apology on the table as you exit”

McGregor would then let it be known that he had no intentions of heeding Sonnen’s warning.

“Just set up the tripod, in the corner of your boxroom, and tell your 2 views the promo code for the window sheen.”

This is just the latest of exchanges between Conor McGregor and Chael Sonnen. As two of the best trash talkers in the history of the sport, any time they go back and forth, it is always exciting and unpredictable.

MMA News will keep you updated if this showdown between “The Bad Guy” and “The Notorious” escalates further.

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