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[ARCHIVES] CM Punk Won’t Entertain Bout With Logan Paul


What if instead of Mickey Gall or Mike Jackson, CM Punk fought an 0-0 Logan Paul? It’s the money fight that never was and according to Punk three years ago, was never going to be. The following article is brought to you in its original, unaltered form, courtesy of the MMA News Archives.

On This Day Three Years Ago…


Don’t expect to see CM Punk vs Logan Paul anytime soon.

Punk is still under contract with the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) despite going 0-2 with the promotion in his only two mixed martial arts bouts. While Punk was outmatched against a brown belt in Mickey Gall for his debut, he took on a more evenly matched opponent in Mike Jackson for his second outing. Still, Punk’s lack of experience reared its ugly head and he lost via unanimous decision.

CM Punk Shuts Down Logan Paul Talks

Freak show fights seem to be the norm in MMA these days, although they certainly aren’t new. Some have even entertained the idea of putting YouTube content creator Logan Paul up against Punk. The former WWE star told that the bout won’t be happening:

“I’m not fighting Logan Paul. I think this is one of the avenues where people will be like, ‘I don’t even know who Logan Paul is.’ Logan Paul is apparently a popular guy, but it’s not in any kind of avenue that I drive my car on. The only thing I know about him is he’s the guy who filmed the dead body in the Japanese suicide forest, which is don’t get me started on that, because I’ll say a bunch of stuff and then I’m sure somebody will make a YouTube video about it.

“My entire life, before I ever got into MMA, for some reason I’m like this magnet. I don’t know what the deal is. Maybe it’s because, like Ben Askren, I just live unapologetically, I’m like honest to a fault and I’m just myself and I don’t really care. When you fight somebody, when you enter into a fight camp, you have to spend a lot of time thinking about that person. Maybe some guys don’t, maybe some guys focus on themselves. But you still have this person in front of you. And I’m not into sharing that much of my time and my headspace and my life with somebody that did something that I feel is so reprehensibly disrespectful to the people of Japan, who I love. They’ll always have a special place in my heart. So, no. I’m not fighting him. I have no interest to.”

Punk is set to serve as a color commentator for a Cage Fury Fighting Championships event. The card will take place on Dec. 14. It’ll air live on UFC Fight Pass.

Knowing how the game goes nowadays, do you think CM Punk vs. Logan Paul will end up happening?

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