Monday, November 28, 2022

Conor McGregor Blames GSP For Failed Anderson Silva Superfight

Conor McGregor believes it is Georges St-Pierre‘s fault that the fight with Anderson Silva never happened.

Long before McGregor held the coveted champ-champ status, one of the biggest hypothetical match-ups that fans wanted to see was between then-champions Georges St-Pierre and Anderson Silva. There was even a point that seemed like it was coming together, but as the story goes, Dana White pulled the plug on this due to a variety of factors, ranging from lackluster performances from Silva as well as GSP’s lack of desire to move up to middleweight at that time.

While there are a ton of varying stories as to why the fight did not happen, Conor McGregor has his own thoughts on the matter. When doing a Q&A on Twitter recently, he was asked who he thought would have won between GSP and Silva. Rather than providing a direct answer, the Irishman instead made it clear that he felt like it was St-Pierre’s fault that the fight never materialized.

“George bottled it. Plain and simple,” McGregor said.

Conor McGregor is not the only person to blame Georges St-Pierre for the fight with Anderson Silva not coming together. In fact, Silva himself has also shared the same sentiment for years.

Surprisingly, GSP did not exactly deny that he was the one holding things up when it came to a fight with Silva, although he did not do so without good reasoning. He explained that the main hiccup was the fact that he wanted it to take place at a catchweight and he wanted to have drug testing, as this was before the USADA era in the UFC.

Either way, it is interesting to see the take that Conor McGregor has on the situation. This is just one of those fights where fans will forever wonder how it would have played out.