Tuesday, December 6, 2022

Covington Reveals Masvidal’s Pre-UFC 269 Injury Against His Wishes

Colby Covington claims to know the precise injury that caused former teammate Jorge Masvidal to withdrawal from his UFC 269 bout against Leon Edwards.

After years of beef and bad blood, MMA fans were excited to finally see Jorge Masvidal and Leon Edwards battle it out in an actual fight with three five-minute rounds as opposed to just one three-piece and a soda combo. Unfortunately, before fans could place this order on pay-per-view, Masvidal closed down shop with an undisclosed injury.

It is not uncommon for fighters to keep injury details under wraps. In his first interview since pulling out of the fight, Masvidal touched on the significance of the injury and addressed his choice to be tight-lipped on the details.

“Good injury, good injury happened,” Masvidal said in an appearance last week on The MMA Hour. “I don’t think I’ve ever signed a bout agreement then pulled out, ever. In my whole history in the UFC, this is my first time. I don’t want to discuss the actual injury I got, but I can’t have impact for like five or six weeks, and the reason I never discuss my injuries online, is because why? Why am I going to give info out on myself?” Masvidal said.

Colby Covington Discusses Masvidal’s Injury

Colby Covington

Masvidal may not have wanted to discuss the details of his injury, but his former best friend/teammate Colby Covington had no problem whatsoever in spilling the beans. Covington claims that he knows exactly what the injury is and when it happened.

“I’ll tell you the truth of what happens with Jorge for real,” Covington began in a Monday appearance on Submission Radio. “I still have people at his gym that still love me, and I’m the people’s champ for a reason. So I get the insider’s scoop on everything. So that fragile dude ‘Street Judas’ Jorge Masvidal, he broke his ribs. He fractured his ribs last Saturday in training. And yeah, he’s fragile, and he had to pull out of the fight. So it’s too bad that people still love me over at his gym more than they even love him.”

Covington was adamant that his intel was accurate and genuine, so much so that he even claims to have details on the precise sequence of events behind the injury.

“I’m telling you guys the truth,” Covington insisted. “He went to the gym to train [eight days ago],  doing some sparring,  went to sparring at the gym, gets his ribs fractured, leaves the gym crying, and goes to the doctor, and gets the x-ray, and they determine it’s fractured ribs. He’s a fragile lil bitch. He’s a brittle little bitch. He tried to talk about me being fragile? That’s the fragilest guy on the fucking roster.”

Despite the UFC 269 cancellation, Masvidal expressed that he’s open to rescheduling the bout against Edwards in early 2022 if the Englishman is willing to wait. If not, he would gladly accept a fight against Covington, including possibly coaching opposite him on the next season of The Ultimate Fighter.

After possibly disclosing Masvidal’s injury to the world, Covington returned that interest and again expressed a desire to settle his feud with his former best friend once and for all.

What do you make of Colby Covington’s “inside scoop” on Jorge Masvidal’s pre-UFC 269 injury?