Monday, October 3, 2022

Dana White Says Anonymous UFC 268 Prelim Fighter Made $750K

UFC president Dana White recently stated that one of his UFC 268 prelim fighters made close to $1 million to fight on the undercard.

White has been criticized by fighters, fans, and pundits for the alleged underpaying of his athletes. But during a recent interview on the podcast ‘Pardon My Take’, White was asked how much one of his fighters made during the recent UFC 268 pay-per-view and gave an eye-opening figure.

“You know this kid [Badou] Jack, former [boxing] world champion,” White said. “He’s fighting this weekend in the middle east, and he’s making $75k, okay?. A guy who’s on the prelims, never been a world champion, and I won’t mention his name, is making $750,000.”

Dana White Revealed One UFC 268 Prelim Fighter Made $750,000

After the clip went viral, speculation ran rampant regarding who White could’ve been referring to. One theory is that White misspoke, and meant to point out one of the fighters on the main card, including Justin Gaethje or Michael Chandler.

White has been the target of the controversial YouTuber turned boxer Jake Paul regarding UFC fighter pay, and the two have gone back and forth in the media over the issue. Former UFC fighters Ben Askren and Tyron Woodley have claimed they made more to fight Paul in the boxing ring than they ever did during their UFC tenures.

It’s important to note that the interview in question took place on Nov. 5, one day before UFC 268 in New York.

What are your thoughts on Dana White and the ongoing UFC fighter pay debate?

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