Monday, November 28, 2022

Former Bellator Fighter Fundraises After MMA Training Left Him Paralyzed

Irish MMA fighter Ian Coughlan was left paralyzed after a freak training accident and is now raising funds to help combat the costs of the unfortunate tragedy.

A social media post illuminated details of the story on Aug. 15. Coughlan fell on his head during training in late July, and within 1-second, the 29-year-old was completely paralyzed.

“Shocked and saddened to hear about Ian Coughlan’s spinal injury! My experience of Ian is an absolute gentleman! He has two kids at home. Please share and help if you can by supporting the GoFundMe set up to assist with his medical expenses” Irish MMA reporter Andy Stevenson shared.

Following the injury, the social media post revealed Coughlan was laid up in the Galway University Hospital. Serious rehabilitation will be required. The MMA fighter was told by doctors that he may never walk again. In addition, doctors informed him that he will likely need carers that will assist him with everyday tasks.

Staring down the barrel of life-changing injuries, the aspiring mixed martial artist fears he may have just lost what he loves most in the world.

“I felt as though my present and future has been taken away’ Coughlan lamented. “Martial arts is my life and it has been taken away from me.’

“I’m strong and have always been independent and I can’t bear the thought of having people look after me for the rest of my life. Coughlan continued. I just want my life back.”

Ian Coughlan was expected to fight at the end of Aug., however, the aspiring athlete sustained life-changing injuries while in training camp. If you would like to help contribute to Ian Coughlan and his demanding medical costs, his GoFundMe page can be found here.