Tuesday, December 6, 2022

Jake Paul Accused Of Avoiding Drug Testing For Tommy Fury Fight

Jake Paul has refused to undergo drug testing for his fight with Tommy Fury, according to the Englishman’s dad.

Paul will face Fury, the younger half-brother of heavyweight boxing champ Tyson, on December 18 in Tampa, Florida. While both are undefeated as boxers, there will be much more on the line than simply their unblemished records. If Fury wins, he will receive an additional $500,000 on top of his $1 million base salary for the fight. If Paul gets his hand raised, Fury must legally change his name to “Tommy Fumbles.”

Tommy Fury Jake Paul
(via BT Sport Box Office)

This wager, however, isn’t the only contractual terms to which both men have lent their signature. In an interview with YouTuber Rob Moore, Tommy’s dad, John Fury, revealed that Team Paul have contractually stipulated that their fighter won’t sign up to Voluntary Anti-Doping Association (VADA) testing.

“All kinds of stuff in the contract. You’ve got to do this and you’ve got to do that,” said John. “I could go into it more and more but I don’t want to bore people with the politics. They wouldn’t sign up to the VADA testing as well.”

John Fury Tommy
“Gypsy” John Fury with his son, Tommy. PHOTO: THE SUN

Despite the possibility that his son may face an unclean fighter come December 18, “Gypsy” John believes Tommy will still do the Fury name proud.  

“That bothered me a little bit because I wanted that in the contract, but they wouldn’t do that. I’m not even bothered about that, because of what they’re gonna do, they’re gonna do anyway. We just want the fight because we know we can win it. People think that Tommy’s getting paid to lose, they’re joking. A Fury would rather be put to death than go down that road.”

This isn’t the first time Jake Paul has been accused of avoiding drug testing. His last opponent, Tyron Woodley, had prior to their bout speculated that the “Problem Child” was using PEDs, and lamented a perceived lack of testing. The duo did, however, undergo testing after the bout, with both returning negative results

What do you think? Will Jake Paul enter the ring a clean fighter come December 18?