Tuesday, October 4, 2022

Jake Paul: Joshua, Fury, and Tyson All Know I’m Boxing’s Best Thing

The always polarizing YouTuber turned boxer Jake Paul claims that his emergence has made some of Boxing’s greatest legends take notice.

Paul has gone from a relative afterthought to one of Boxing’s most prominent personalities within a year. He’s earned wins over former UFC stars Ben Askren and Tyron Woodley and has seen his brand skyrocket.

Paul’s marketing ability has proven to serve him well from his career as a social media influencer and now as a professional boxer. After passing the toughest test of his career against Woodley, he believes that he has the backing of top boxing stars such as Mike Tyson, Anthony Joshua, and Tyson Fury.

“The legends would agree,” Paul told Bleacher Report (h/t The Mirror). “The Anthony Joshuas, the Mike Tysons, the Manny Pacquiaos, the Tyson Furys. They’ve all said what I’m doing for boxing is a breath of fresh air.”

“I think that debate started about a year ago – is Jake Paul good for boxing? I have silenced that, and I don’t think there’s anybody on the other side of the equation who thinks I’m bad for boxing.”

Jake Paul Will Face Tommy Fury On Dec. 18

Jake Paul, Tommy Fury Poster
Jake Paul vs. Tommy Fury

Paul will face another undefeated boxer on Dec. 18 in Tommy Fury, the younger half-brother of heavyweight champion Tyson Fury. Tommy is coming off of a unanimous decision win over former Bellator fighter Anthony Taylor during the same card that Paul defeated Woodley.

Tyson has said in the past that he’s been impressed with both Jake and Logan Paul during their young boxing careers. Logan recently fought against Boxing Hall of Famer Floyd Mayweather in an exhibition in Miami, FL.

There’s little debate that the Paul brothers are two of the most divisive figures in Boxing history, but there’s also no doubt that both have made a tremendous footprint on the sport during their young careers. Paul will look to silence the doubters further against Fury in just a matter of weeks.

Do you agree with Jake Paul’s comments?

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