Tuesday, October 4, 2022

Jake Paul Rules Out Ever Fighting Tyron Woodley Again

The controversial YouTuber turned boxer Jake Paul has ruled out the possibility of fighting Tyron Woodley ever again in the boxing ring.

Paul defeated the former UFC welterweight champion, Woodley, earlier this year by a split decision. It was also the first time that any of Paul’s fights have gone the distance and was unanimously the toughest test of his boxing career.

Paul came into the fight having defeated another former UFC welterweight in Ben Askren, along with former NBA star Nate Robinson and fellow YouTuber AnEsonGib.

Despite the entertainment value of a potential rematch with Woodley, Paul has decided to put Woodley behind him and has eliminated the possibility of fighting him ever again (h/t BJPenn.com).

“Nah. By the time he got the tattoo we had already moved on to fighting Tommy Fury and making that fight negotiation happen,” Paul told TMZ Sports. I don’t really think the people want to see Tyron vs. Jake Paul again. He had his chance.”

Jake Paul Won’t Give Tyron Woodley A Rematch Despite Tattoo

Jake Paul, Tyron Woodley
Jake Paul & Tyron Woodley

Paul and Woodley originally made a bet at one of their first pre-fight press conferences that the loser had to get an ‘I Love ____’ tattoo with the winner’s name included. After a bit of hesitation by Woodley to follow through on the bet, he ended up getting the tattoo on his finger after Paul verbally agreed to give him a rematch if he got it directly after their fight.

Paul and Woodley were close to hosting an Instagram Live session together as Woodley got the tattoo, but it never materialized. Paul cited the tattoo deal expiring as the main reason for him not following through on his verbal agreement for a second fight.

Paul will face the undefeated Tommy Fury on Dec. 18 in Tampa, FL. Meanwhile, it’s unclear what could be next for Woodley in the boxing ring.

What do you make about Jake Paul’s comments shutting down a Tyron Woodley rematch?

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