Thursday, September 29, 2022

Jon Jones Addresses His “Miserable, Hateful” Trolls

Jon Jones is back to his tweeting ways, this time taking aim at his legions of trolls.

Since his arrest in September, the widely-considered MMA GOAT has shied away from Twitter—a notorious dumpster fire of negative sentiment. Instead, Jones has restricted himself to the relatively more placid waters of Instagram, where he’s documented his progress to heavyweight, and occasionally, fired back at haters.

But on Friday, Jones finally indulged himself in a bit of an afternoon Twitter sesh, firing off a flurry of tweets aimed at all those individuals who since his arrest, have dared to besmirch his fine name.

Jon Jones
Jon Jones continues his training on the road to becoming a heavyweight. (PHOTO: INSTAGRAM)

In his opening salvo, “Bones” indirectly took aim at Israel Adesanya, noting pointedly that while the middleweight champ has since leapfrogged him in the UFC pound-for-pound rankings, he still can’t defend a takedown. Jon Jones, who’s now ranked #4 in the rankings, subsequently requested that his name be removed from the list, branding it “silly.”  

Shortly thereafter, Jones turned his attention to those other haters among the UFC roster, calling them out for their lack of testicular fortitude, implying that they would keep their mouths shut were they potentially in line to fight him.

“I find it rather interesting that I’m not seeing any of these heavyweights talking shit. No comments on my troubles. It’s the fellows who either wouldn’t fight me or who’s ass I’ve already kicked who seem to be the loudest. Funny how that works,” tweeted Jones.

The 34-year-old, who hasn’t fought since March last year, then addressed his haters generally, who like piranhas, have been on a spite-fuelled feeding frenzy since Jones’ recent indiscretions. “Bones” conceded that while his recent behavior certainly hasn’t been saint-like, he takes exception to those who have piled onto his misery simply for the sake of doing do.

“I absolutely love my fans, I know they are disappointed in me right now but still believe in me. I see those who are indifferent, and then there are those trolls who are usually miserable, hateful, sad and fucked up people who just want someone else to feel like them.”

Lastly, Jones contended that those trolling him are in fact some of his biggest fans.

“Most trolls still are fans whether they realize it or not. I swear the haters no [sic] the most about you. They remember everything. They ignore the good you do. They see it all.”

What do you think? Is the court of public opinion treating Jon Jones unfairly?

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