Tuesday, September 27, 2022

Jon Jones Wants To Know Why Daniel Cormier Is Still Hating On Him

Jon Jones has a question for old nemesis Daniel Cormier.

Jon Jones is often the subject of heavy criticism and ridicule, often as a consequence of his own decisions and controversies. However, there is one detractor in particular who has always stood head and shoulders above the mass of others (sans Chael Sonnen): Daniel Cormier.

Jones and Cormier have been at odds dating back even before Cormier debuted in the UFC in 2013, and their feud has continued into the former double champion’s retirement. Jones is confused by this, though, questioning why Cormier is continuing to react so strongly to him despite the fact that he is no longer competing.

In the above image, Jon Jones is seen training with Henry Cejudo. Jones documented his day of training with new partners on Friday, this after Jones was banished from Jackson-Wink MMA. Cormier’s Instagram Stories reacts to the training session by writing “Fuck Henry Cejudo!” at what appears at face value to be Cormier expressing his disapproval for Cejudo aligning himself with Jones.

In Jones’ tweet responding to Cormier’s message, he asked, “Why are you such a hater, you don’t even fight no more!? Man that bitterness is real I tell ya.”

The reason Jones was banished from Jackson-Wink MMA is primarily because of recent allegations of battery domestic violence. Jones has since announced a move to an affiliate gym of Jackson-Wink MMA.

Cormier’s reaction may be what it appears: a strong censuring of Cejudo for affiliating with Jones despite his latest controversy. Then again, it could just be the ol’ DC sense of humor at play toward his fellow Olympian, with Jones not picking up on the joke.

Jon Jones is expected to return to action in the first quarter of 2022 in his heavyweight debut. He is also due in court soon to answer for his charges of battery domestic violence and injuring/tampering with a vehicle.

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