Monday, November 28, 2022

Jorge Masvidal Would ‘Love To Bash’ Colby Covington’s Face In

Jorge Masvidal is disappointed he had to pull out of his UFC 269 fight against Leon Edwards.

The fight was highly-anticipated as it was a grudge match but “Gamebred” had to withdraw from it due to an injury. Now, the hope for Masvidal is to fight Edwards next as he did sign a contract for him. Yet, if that doesn’t happen, he says he would love to beat up ‘coward’ Colby Covington.

“If it was right now, in this particular day and time, I would say I would beat Leon’s ass because I signed it. I made an agreement as a man, like ‘Hey, I’m f*cking you up next.’ I want to hold onto that as much as possible. But if that’s not going to happen, of course I’d love to bash Colby’s face in. We’re talking about the biggest coward in my sport, all across all divisions, all sports,” Masvidal said on The MMA Hour earlier this month.

“I mean, this guy is the king coward. He can’t control himself from being a coward. So I would love to smash this guy’s face in and get a handsome reward. But at this particular time, since I signed first with Leon, I would like to address Leon’s bitch ass first. Then we’ll take care of the fragile rat guy,” Masvidal continued. “Now he’s changing his gimmick, now he’s a nice guy and shit. I want to beat his ass so hard, now he’s a nice guy. Wow, what a f*cking turn of events, that coward…. Definitely that fragile, made of ice, see through motherf*cker.”

Jorge Masvidal vs. Colby Covington would be a massive fight as the two are former roommates and training partners. They had a massive falling out and the two have trash-talked one another for years. Recently, Covington even disclosed the injury that forced Masvidal to withdraw from UFC 269. The hope for many fans is that this fight takes place in 2022.

Both Masvidal and Covington are also coming off title fight losses to Kamaru Usman. They are also 0-2 against Usman so both men are far away from getting another title picture.

Who would you like to see Jorge Masvidal fight next?