Tuesday, December 6, 2022

Marlon Vera: Sean O’Malley ‘Can Go F—k Himself’

Marlon Vera has had enough of the dismissive comments of Sean O’Malley.

One of the biggest wins to come in the career of “Chito” Vera was also his most controversial. When taking on “Suga'” Sean O’Malley at UFC 252, last August, he got a TKO after a leg kick numbed the nerves in O’Malley’s ankle, leading to him falling to the ground and succumbing to ground and pound from the Ecudorian.

Ever since that fight, which was the first loss of O’Malley’s career, he denied that Vera had ever beaten him, regularly throwing shade his way and constantly saying that he is still undefeated. It would seem that “Chito” has had enough though, as when asked about it during the UFC 268 media scrum, he had some quite aggressive language about O’Malley, saying that he does not care what “Suga'” has to say.

“I said it many times before, we are in the times where everything is (about) clout. Everything is like… who you hang out with. I don’t give a shit what he says, I knocked him out. You can say whatever you want, you can make fun of it, but at the end of the day he’s going to bed every night knowing I put him out,” Vera said.

“We can talk crazy shit. I can use my social media and just say crazy shit, and I know people will like that, but I keep it real. I like to be real, I like to say facts, and I earned everything I have in my life by going forward and going hard. So he can go fuck himself.”

While an eventual rematch between the two is far from out of the question, they are on different paths in their careers at the moment. Marlon Vera is set to take on number eight ranked Frankie Edgar, as he continues to try chipping away at the bantamweight ranks, while Sean O’Malley does not seem particularly interested in facing ranked fighters at the current rate of pay that he is making.

Watch Marlon Vera’s full media scrum below: