Friday, December 9, 2022

McGregor Eyes April Return To Sparring, Plans To Fight Soon After

Conor McGregor‘s leg injury is healing fast, and he plans on returning to training in a matter of months.

McGregor has been recovering from a broken leg sustained during his loss to Dustin Poirier in July. That, however, hasn’t stopped the “Notorious” from leading a very active, and some would say, unhinged lifestyle that has dominated headlines in recent months.

Conor has allegedly assaulted, or attempted to assault, no less than two celebrities, namely rapper Machine Gun Kelly and Italian DJ Francesco Facchinetti. He also sent out a wildly wayward pitch at a Chicago Cubs game. Additionally, he has likely spent much time deliberating with his legal team as he prepares to defend himself against criminal charges in Ireland, and thanks to his assault on Facchinetti, Italy, too.

All these extra curricular activities are, however, par for the course for a man like McGregor and haven’t diverted him from his goal of reclaiming the UFC lightweight belt. Conor is adamant he’ll face the 155 pound champ when he returns to the Octagon, and if that turns out to be Dustin Poirier, is looking forward to settling some unfinished business with the American.

Conor McGregor, Machine Gun Kelly
Conor McGregor, Machine Gun Kelly

McGregor Provides Update On Injury and Timeline For Return

Twitter, too, has almost become a part-time occupation for McGregor during his stint on the sidelines, typically to needle former, current, and potential UFC rivals, or even commentators. But in his latest Twitter foray, Conor has turned the attention to himself, hosting a Q&A session with his legions of fans. And the question on the minds of many concerned the recovery of his broken leg.

According to McGregor, things are on the up and up.

“The fibula is fully healed. The medial side of the tibia is developing nice callous also. It is just patience now for it to form down through the bone to the lateral side of the tibia where the larger break occurred. It’s getting there. Patience will win this race for me!,” tweeted McGregor.

Not only is Conor’s leg healing fast, but now that it features metallic properties, he believes it may even be more potent a weapon than it was previously.

“I cannot wait to wrap this steel bar in my leg across the neck of a future opponent! I am counting down by the seconds until I get to launch this weapon,” tweeted McGregor.

So when can we expect Conor to make his UFC return? The 33-year-old says he’s expecting to begin sparring in a matter of months, and step into the Octagon soon after.

“I will be full mixed martial arts sparring by April. Easily! By then a return will be imminent. But I must be patient. I will beat this!” tweeted McGregor

What do you think? Who should Conor McGregor face when he makes his Octagon return?