Tuesday, August 16, 2022

Conor McGregor & Petr Yan Agree To Settle “Best UFC Boxer” Debate

Conor McGregor put the UFC‘s top strikers on notice, and he received an unexpected challenge in the process.

Conor McGregor is out of competition for a while as he heals up from his leg break. Even though he is on the sidelines it has not kept him from starting some trouble. McGregor has been engaged in Twitter feuds with almost every fighter in his division and some outside of it in the past few weeks. Now, he is taking a stand to prove that he is the better boxer.

“I outboxed 3 guys on this list! There’s no one even remotely close to my boxing in the ufc,” McGregor wrote on Twitter. “Even Dustin only got shots off post the leg damage. Everyone has been pucked around by me if we are going off boxing. Yan is good tho, I like his style. I’d rip him up in that shell tho.”

McGregor’s claim to the best boxing in the UFC comes from the list above that has Petr Yan at #1, Max Holloway at #2, McGregor at #3, José Aldo at #4, and Nate Diaz at #5. McGregor has wins over three of the four other men on the list. He knocked out José Aldo in 13 seconds, but the other two, Diaz and Holloway, went to decisions against him.

He also took aim at the #1 man on this list, Petr Yan. Yan has since responded.

“Conor, we all know that you like to talk, but let’s get straight to the point if you really want to box or to fight, I don’t care about the weight or the ruleset. I bet you won’t show up @TheNotoriousMMA,” Yan wrote.

“Lol, no prob littler. We will set up a spar or something similar in the near future. Will host you and your team in Ireland for one of our shows at Crumlin boxing club. We will figure it out then, kid. God bless ya. @ParimatchGlobal, get this set,” McGregor responded.

“Maga, we can play if you don’t want to decide matter seriously. Just let me know if you will have enough gas for 12 rounds, kid. Sláinte,” Yan responded.

McGregor’s last two fights didn’t go his way and with some time left before he can make a return, the Twitter talk might be his best way to rile up his fellow fighters. The Irishman’s methods of ruffling feathers always seem to work, and this boxing credential issue has caused the latest turmoil.

Who do you think is the best boxer in the UFC?

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