Tuesday, December 6, 2022

MMA Fighter Arrested For Biting Roommate’s Testicles After Argument

MMA fighter Donovan Salvato spent the better part of 12 hours in jail after allegedly biting his roommate’s testicles, leaving a 2.5-inch bite mark.

On Nov. 11, Salvato allegedly assaulted his roommate, Abel Sosa. According to the police report, Salvato went to jail on Nov. 16 and spent around 12 hours there. The 29-year-old MMA fighter sat in the Metro Nashville Jail following the argument that turned violent.

Police documented a 2.5-inch laceration on Mr. Sosa’s scrotum upon examination. Additionally, local authorities revealed bruises and swelling to Sosa’s head. Salvato was held on a domestic violence hold after the incident took place. However, the MMA fighter has since been charged with domestic assault and bodily injury.

According to Sosa, the altercation is a result of an ongoing argument that has yet to be resolved. The arrest warrant and affidavit reveal the conflict orbited around the defendant (Salvato) staying at the roommate’s address unwanted. When law enforcement arrived, the MMA fighter had already fled the scene. The police report indicates that the officer on duty believed Salvato was the primary aggressor.

“I need to write a book or something about some of these stories I’ve encountered. Who can clearly say they got their testicles Bit by a professional MMA fighter during a fight? I’ll wait…. Nashville can be so wild that I’ve encountered more danger here than overseas to an extent.” Abel Sosa shared.

Sosa maintains that Salvato’s name is not in the lease agreement. Following the chaos in Nashville TN., Sosa seemed to be in good spirits despite the trauma he’s gone through.

Do you think 12 hours for biting testicles is a sufficient sentence?