Wednesday, December 1, 2021

MMA Fighter Allegedly Kills Doctor Over COVID-19 Vaccine Dispute

Professional MMA fighter Akmal Khozhiev has been arrested following an argument about COVID-19 vaccines with a doctor that allegedly turned into capital murder.

The 3-1 professional was arrested on Sunday, Nov. 7, by the Guam Police Department. According to a report from The Guam Daily Post, Khozhiev was charged with aggravated murder as a first-degree felony and aggravated assault as a second-degree felony.

Dr. Miran Ribati, 42, is a local radiologist for Guam Memorial Hospital. According to a witness, Khozhiev and Ribati knew each other because they both exercised at the same gym. The witness also informed police that the two may have returned home for dinner after spending time at the beach. Court documents revealed the pair of men began arguing over COVID-19 vaccinations.

When the argument heated up, Khozhiev is alleged to have put Ribati in a rear-naked choke before a bystander broke it up. After getting involved, the witness was struck in the head twice. At which point, Khozhiev went into the house and retrieved a sharp animal bone that was left over from an evening meal.

While Ribati tried to run away, Khozhiev caught up to him and repeatedly stabbed him in the neck with the animal bone.

Police responded to the scene, which shows Ribati lying in a pool of his own blood. After witnessing the gruesome discovery, Khozhiev immediately confessed to the murder.

“Sir, it’s me, it’s me, I killed him,” Khozhiev allegedly told police before being arrested.

Akmal Khozhiev is expected to appear in court on Nov. 19 for the alleged slaying of Dr. Miran Ribati. The welterweight last competed in 2020 after earning a ground-and-pound victory against Jose Ramirez.

What do you make of an MMA fighter killing over a COVID quarrel?

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