Saturday, October 1, 2022

Sean Strickland Not Fighting Darren Till, Wants Costa or Hermansson

Sean Strickland has no interest in accepting the call out from Darren Till.

Strickland is in a position where he is looking for an important opponent after Luke Rockhold was forced out of their fight due to injury. One of the people that called him out was none other than Darren Till, who said that he was offered a fight with the controversial middleweight contender by the UFC and that he was interested in making it happen.

However, it seems that while Till may be down for this scrap, Strickland does not feel the same. Taking to his Twitter, he revealed that he was more interested in a fight with Paulo Costa, but if that does not work out, he would be down to face Jack Hermansson instead.

“Instagram blocked me, joked about a pedophile dying and I guess they didn’t like it lol!!!! Anyways I’m not fighting Darren Till. I want Costa and if Costa can’t put down the wine and cookies I want Jack,” Strickland explained.

Bouts against Costa or Hermansson have more upside for Strickland given the trajectory of their careers right now, and the fact that they are ranked above him, and would help to propel him closer to a crack at the middleweight title.

Juxtapose this to Darren Till, who is always a big opponent, but is ranked below Strickland, and has lost two of his three fights since moving up to the middleweight division. No matter what the UFC decides to do, there are really no bad matchups to make at the top of 185lb.

Would you rather see Sean Strickland fight Paulo Costa or Jack Hermansson? Who do you think Darren Till should fight when he returns to the Octagon?

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