Sunday, December 4, 2022

Smith: “Alienated” McGregor Is Desperate To Be “One Of The Guys” Again

UFC light heavyweight contender Anthony Smith has responded to Conor McGregor after the Irishman mocked his and Belal Muhammad‘s analysis at UFC Vegas 42 last weekend.

McGregor’s antics and arguments with fellow fighters on social media is nothing new. But while he’s been tweeting and deleting insults for years, the former two-division UFC champion’s tendency to do so has certainly increased over the past year, particularly since a broken leg at UFC 264 left him on the sidelines and out of action.

Having taken aim at the likes of Khabib Nurmagomedov, Dustin Poirier, Tony Ferguson, Michael Bisping, and Chael Sonnen, McGregor’s attention was on Smith and Muhammad during last Saturday’s UFC Fight Night broadcast. The pair were performing punditry duties on the desk ahead of a blockbuster main event between Max Holloway and Yair Rodriguez.

In a video posted to Twitter, and unsurprisingly deleted shortly after, McGregor can be heard laughing hysterically whilst watching Smith and Muhammad’s analysis. Among other things, the Dubliner says, “get this off my tele, now!”

Smith Fires Back At “The Notorious” Superstar

The clip came after “Remember The Name” referred to Holloway as the first man to defeat José Aldo in the UFC, an accolade which, of course, belongs to McGregor, who knocked the Brazilian out a year-and-a-half prior to Holloway’s TKO victory over “Junior.”

Whilst Muhammad immediately responded on Twitter, poking fun at McGregor’s losses to Poirier this year, Smith responded for the first time on Tuesday. Speaking during an MMA on SiriusXM podcast, “Lionheart” revealed what he believes to be the reason behind McGregor’s constant attacks on his fellow fighters.

“This is the second time that Conor’s come at me. This wasn’t even my fault, and I don’t give a shit what Conor thinks about me, but I don’t know why he’s taken aim at me twice. But as I though about it, I think I figured it out. Conor’s been uber, uber successful. He’s made more money than he could ever spend. He’s made, like, true generational wealth. His kid’s kid’s kid’s kid’s are gonna be just fine because of the things that Conor’s accomplished. What Conor can never get back, is he’ll never me one of us again, and it drives him absolutely crazy. He used to be; he used to be one of us.

“I found myself sitting at the desk, wondering, like, does Conor miss what it felt like to be in the gym and just be one of the guys? Because he’s alienated himself from everybody. I’ve been around him a little bit, I don’t know him. But I’ve been around him and he was one of the guys. Then he kind of sold out and he starts taking shots at people, and he kinda sold his soul for all that money. That’s fine if that’s what you want to do.”

As Smith mentioned, last weekend wasn’t the first time he’s been on the receiving end of McGregor’s wrath. A few months back, the Irishman branded the former light heavyweight title challenger a “big zombie” for suggesting his antics had gone too far.

Smith further added that the fact McGregor will never be “one of the guys” again “eats him alive.” Having taken aim at so many fighters on the UFC roster, “Lionheart” assured the former lightweight and featherweight king that he’ll never be allowed back into their circle, and will forever be an outsider.

“I think sometimes, it’s less about him trying to get a headline, it’s less about him wanting to take shots at people and be that guy. I think that it eats him alive that he’s never gonna be one of the guys again. He’ll never fit in in our group. He’s not one of our peers anymore. It’s not because we kicked him out and didn’t want him, it’s the total opposite. We wanted Conor to be one of us. He alienated all of us and now he wants back in. We’re not gonna let him in because he shit on every single one of us. It’s the comments he makes. That’s just his opportunity… he wants the whole world to think that he’s the cool guy and we’re not, when in all reality, in our like, private situation and our small world, he’s the outsider that no one’s letting back in.”

Do you agree with Anthony Smith? Has Conor McGregor alienated himself through his actions and his attitude towards other fighters?