Monday, November 28, 2022

Woodley Rips Paul Again For Rematch Rejection, Plans Historic 2022 Run

Tyron Woodley may not have a Jake Paul rematch to look forward to, but the former UFC welterweight champ is planning big things for the coming year.

After losing his boxing debut to YouTuber Paul in August, Woodley went to great, even embarrassing lengths to engineer the rematch promised by the former. Paul had vowed to fight Woodley if he tattooed “I love Jake Paul” on his person—and that’s exactly what “The Chosen One” did. 

But Paul failed to live up to his end of the bargain, instead setting up a fight with Love Island star Tommy Fury. And this hasn’t sat well with Woodley, who has publicly lashed Paul for failing to honor his word.

The 39-year-old has, however, set his sights on challenges anew, most notably a boxing match with former UFC welterweight Dan Hardy. The duo have been engaged in a bitter war of words in recent months, which is expected to be settled in the ring somewhere in the UK come spring 2022. Contract negotiations are ongoing. 

Woodley Slams Jake Paul For Ducking Rematch, Reveals 2022 Plans

Tyron Woodley Jake Paul
Tyron Woodley, Jake Paul

While Woodley is focused on forging new accomplishments in the ring, it appears Jake Paul remains a thorn in his side. Speaking to MMA Junkie, Tyron accused Paul of avoiding the rematch, and that it was a move motivated by the knowledge that he actually lost their first encounter.

“Man, Jake Paul a bitch,” said Woodley. “He ain’t wanna fight. Like, ‘You did it too late!’ Like, nah, dude, you just didn’t wanna fight and you found a way out. They gave you a gift, and you took it and ran, just like a little kid on the playground, ‘Nae-nae-nae-nae-nae-nae!’ But they know that they really didn’t win.”

The Jake Paul ship may have sailed, but now as a free agent, Woodley believes his prospects are bright.

“Most people that watched the fight feel like I won the fight,” said Woodley. “I really didn’t walk away a loser in the fight. And my ceiling is a little different right now. I’m the only free agent in combat sports. Nobody else can say they’re a free agent. I could fight here, I could fight there, I could fight fuckin’ anywhere.

Tyron Woodley
Tyron Woodley (Image Credit: Katelyn Mulcahy/Getty Images)

“So next year, you’re gonna see me fight four times, four different promotions, four different styles of fighting. And I’m gonna be the first one to do it. And you’ll see everybody else follow behind…”

So will one of these fights see the “Chosen One” make a return to MMA? Woodley adamantly believes so. 

“One of them’s gonna be MMA. I plan on fighting MMA (in) July, a real special fight to me,” said Woodley.

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