Monday, January 24, 2022

Claressa Shields Threatens To Sue Jake Paul & Team For Defamation

Claressa Shields is willing to take the fight to Jake Paul beyond the boxing gym and into the court of law.

This Saturday, Jake Paul returns to pay-per-view when he meets Tyron Woodley in a rematch of their August clash. However, the YouTuber may have another fight on his hands if he and his representatives are not mindful.

Last week, Jake Paul’s management team BAVAFA Sports made a shocking claim. They stated in a tweet that Claressa Shields requested to be placed on the undercard for Jake Paul events on multiple occasions. This was a curious revelation seeing as how adamantly Shields has refused to ever even consider doing such a thing in the past.

In fact, it was her open dismissal of that very idea that sparked a feud between herself and Paul, which included the YouTuber mocking her after her first MMA loss and Shields later challenging Paul to a $100,000 sparring match.

Once Shields saw the tweet from Paul’s management team, she issued a warning about making such claims.

“Somebody bout to get sued for lying on my name. Can’t wait to call my lawyer tomorrow morning.”

“Never have I ever. I’m bout Sue @jakepaul & his team for defamation and of character cause I ain’t never asked to be on no undercard of no YouTuber!”

@BAVAFASports y’all bout to get sued! Because Claressa Shields ain’t never asked to be on Jake Paul undercard. You sound crazy as hell! My lawyer will be reaching out though! Use my name for clout. I’ll use your name for a check losers”

After a fan stated that Shields was continuously being disrespected, the Olympic gold medalist put an end to the discussion with some strong closing remarks.

“They bout to have to write a check they ass gonna hate having to cash. Because you talk trash but lying on me is another story! I’m a BIG BOSS WITH A BIG LAWYER!”

Claressa Shields will be competing again on January 29 against Ema Kozin in a boxing match. Her MMA return has not yet been set, though she plans to compete again in 2022 following her loss to Abigail Montes in October.

Do you believe Claressa Shields has a potential legal case against Jake Paul and his representation for defamation of character?

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