Friday, January 28, 2022

Dana White Doesn’t Think Nick Diaz Should Fight Again

Dana White has shared his thoughts on the possibility of Nick Diaz fighting again.

The biggest comeback of the year belongs to Nick Diaz. After six years away from the UFC, Diaz made his return to the Octagon with a loss to Robbie Lawler at UFC 266. After the fight, Diaz seemed uncertain about his fighting future.

UFC President Dana White does not believe that Diaz should fight again and has explained why he feels this way.

“Regardless of how good [Nick Diaz] looked and what he did after such a huge layoff, I don’t think he should fight,” White told ESPN. “I don’t think Nick does it cause he loves it, I think Nick does it cause he has to do it. When I always talk about people sitting in bumper-to-bumper traffic to go to a job they hate, that’s what I feel like when Nick Diaz is getting ready for a fight.”

Diaz’s last win in the UFC has back in 2011. He was suspended for five years after testing positive for marijuana. His return was met with excitement from fans, but Diaz himself seemed less than thrilled. In his own interview with ESPN prior to his fight with Lawler, he claimed he never liked fighting.

Following the loss to Lawler, Diaz appeared to have retired from MMA, but then quickly began asking for fights again. With the financial success of his brother Nate, perhaps Nick will be sticking around the UFC for a bit longer. Since his return, he has been looking for fights with both Leon Edwards and champion Kamaru Usman.

Diaz is 38 years old and began fighting professionally back in 2001. He is one of the OG’s of the UFC and has fought some of the best in the history of the UFC, including BJ Penn, Anderson Silva, and Georges St-Pierre. If he is done, he might find himself a spot in the UFC Hall of Fame.

If Nick Diaz has more fights ahead of him, he could have a shot at a few big names in his future. One fighter who recently expressed interest in fighting Diaz is welterweight Kevin Holland.

Who would you want to see Nick Diaz fight next if he decides to fight again?

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