Friday, December 2, 2022

Graphic: Jordan Nash, BKFC Fighter, Suffers Nauseating Eye Injury

It takes a unique type of human to be willing to fight in a cage, and BKFC fighter Jordan Nash further proved that at a recent event.

Whenever fans watch a combat sports event, chances are you’ll see something that you haven’t seen before. Injuries happen in this brutal sport from time to time, but rarely to the level that Nash suffered against Noah Cutter at a recent BKFC Fight Night.

Things were going well for Nash early in the fight before Cutter put on the pressure in the later rounds and turned his face into a bloody mess. On top of this, Nash suffered a gruesome eye injury that resulted in a hanging eyelid.

Warning: This photo below is extremely graphic. View with caution.

Jordan Nash’s Injury Showcases Bare Knuckle’s Brutality

BKFC, and bare-knuckle boxing in general, has often been criticized by some of the most prominent personalities in combat sports. This includes UFC commentator Michael Bisping, who referred to it as a “backwards step” in combat sports.

Nash came into the BKFC Fight Night event off of his first win since joining the promotion, as he earned a unanimous decision win over Brandon Allen earlier this year. Before that, he had briefly competed in Combat Night Pro, accumulating a 1-1 professional record in MMA.

As of right now, there is no medical update on Nash as he continues to recover from the nasty injury.

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