Saturday, January 22, 2022

Paul: I Make More Than Every UFC Fighter Combined, Including McGregor

Jake Paul isn’t afraid to boast about the leaps he’s made in and out of the boxing ring, including when it comes to the amount of money he’s made.

This week, Paul claimed that he makes more than everyone on the UFC roster, including the promotion’s biggest star in Conor McGregor.

Paul is fresh off of his sixth-round knockout over Tyron Woodley, which was the fourth overall in his young boxing career. After the fight, he called for fights with some of the UFC’s biggest stars, including Nate Diaz and Jorge Masvidal.

During a recent episode of the IMPAULSIVE podcast, Paul went as far as to say that he makes more than all UFC fighters, which gives him leverage in any future negotiations with them.

“I make more than every UFC fighter f****** combined, including Conor,” Paul said. (h/t The Mirror)

Paul went on to explain his reasoning behind the claim that he out-sells the UFC roster.

“Y’all work for f***ing Dana, y’all work for WME, Endeavor, that’s who you work for. I make more than all of you silly mother*******. Why would I go into the UFC? Sign a contract and give away my f***ing rights and s***. I own my content, I own my platform, I own everything.

“They don’t own s***, they are literally employees. I’m a f****** CEO and every UFC fighter is an employee. Get that straight. I’m not coming over there and doing s*** with y’all. Suck my nuts.”

Coincidentally, McGregor made a similar claim to Paul’s just months ago when he topped the Forbes highest-paid athletes list and opted to boast about his wealth.

Paul & Masvidal Are Negotiating On Social Media For A Fight

Paul has turned his attention to a potential fight with Masvidal, as tensions between the two sides escalate. Paul and Masvidal recently went back-and-forth on social media regarding a potential opportunity to box each other.

Masvidal also invited Paul to fight on a one-fight deal in the UFC if the promotion doesn’t let him out of his contract.

It’s unclear if the Paul vs. Masvidal deal will ever get done, either in the Octagon or in the ring. In any event, Paul seems hell-bent on another matchup with a UFC star in the ring as he continues to change the landscape of boxing.

What are your thoughts on Jake Paul’s comments?

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