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Jake Paul To Dana White: “I Just Embarrassed Your Whole Company”

Jake Paul believes his knockout of Tyron Woodley last night was a statement victory over the entire UFC promotion.

Jake Paul and Dana White have been firing shots at one another for almost the entirety of 2021. The two central themes the two have quarreled about are UFC fighter pay and Paul’s legitimacy as a fighter.

Dana White did not give Paul much of a chance to defeat Ben Askren when that fight was made early this year. He even stated that he’d be willing to bet $1 million on Paul losing to “Funky.” White later claimed that this bet was never made, which would be fortunate for him because Paul made short work of Askren in their April bout.

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Though Askren was a UFC fighter, many people did not give Paul much credit for the victory in hindsight. After all, “UFC fighter” label aside, Askren is well known to be a wrestling specialist.

But now, Paul has knocked out a well-rounded former UFC champion. And in so doing, he believes he knocked the entire promotion down a peg, including their outspoken boss.

“I just knocked out a five-time UFC champion and embarrassed your whole company,” Paul said in a message to White during the post-fight press conference.

Jake Paul Sends A Follow-Up Message To Dana White

Jake Paul would not stop there. He would then deliver another message to White, pleading with the UFC boss to let him continue “embarrassing” one UFC star after another.

“And please, please let me get Kamaru Usman,” Paul said. “Please let me get [Nate] Diaz. Please let me get [Jorge] Masvidal. Please let me get [Conor] McGregor. Because I’m gonna embarrass them, too. I promise you that, Dana. I promise you that.”

Jake Paul may have a new boxing rival: See who wants to fight him – Film  Daily
Jake Paul

Jake Paul has already called out each of the aforementioned fighters. The only one of the four to not acknowledge Paul at all is Conor McGregor. Usman and Masvidal have both directly expressed an openness to box Paul. Diaz has also had some choice words for Paul in the past, and the rumor mill holds that the Stockton slugger would also be open to fighting Paul.

Nevertheless, all of those four names remain under UFC contract, which means they are unable to fight Paul without the permission of Dana White. And White has made it abundantly clear time after time that will never happen.

Do you believe Jake Paul embarrassed the UFC by knocking out Tyron Woodley?

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