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Jake Paul Unsure If He’ll Ever Fight ‘National Embarrassment’ Tommy Fury

Jake Paul is very disappointed in Tommy Fury.

The two were expected to throw down in a boxing match on December 18th before it was revealed that Fury had been forced out due to a broken rib and a chest infection. This resulted in a rematch being booked between Paul and the last man he beat, a freshly tattooed Tyron Woodley, after their first fight ended with a split decision in August.

Speaking on The MMA Hour, Paul expressed his disappointment in hearing the news that Fury withdrew from their fight. He explained that he thinks the reason this happened is that the Englishman knew that the fight was going to end with him on the canvas.

Jake Paul
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“I’m a little upset. I don’t get how grown men can be such bitches, pulling out of fights like this. I really wanted to knock the Brit out and make him the laughing stock of the internet. But I think he saw that coming, and he cracked under pressure, and I’m a little bit disappointed,” Paul said.

As far as the reasoning for Fury pulling out of the fight, Paul is not buying his excuses, noting that he had fought with various injuries in his short career. He also stated that at first, he was just told about the chest infection and the fact that the broken rib was added on means that things are not as straightforward as Fury would like them to seem.

“So originally, it was just like a chest infection that we had known of, and then the broken rib thing they threw in there last minute. So I really don’t know. The whole entire thing seems shady,” Paul said.

“He lied about—the press conference in Las Vegas, he said his mom was sick so that he had to fly home, which wasn’t true at all. Tyson Fury has a history of pulling out of fights. He’s pulled out of five fights. The family is just sketchy. I feel like something else is going on over there that they don’t want to say, or they’re not as confident, or he wasn’t having a good camp, or whatever it was.”

Jake Paul Questions The Future Of A Tommy Fury Fight

Tommy Fury Jake Paul
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While it may have made sense for Jake Paul to fight Tyron Woodley again, considering the short notice nature of the fight and the fact that he already won their first fight, there was still an interest in seeing the Tommy Fury fight happen. However, the YouTuber turned boxer has his doubts that the fight will ever happen.

Paul says that “Tommy Fumbles” has fumbled the bag once again, and that he does not necessarily want to give him the chance to do it again. He would hate to have the fight scheduled again, only for Fury to withdraw again.

“I don’t know. I don’t know how I feel about it. For me, I almost don’t want to give him the opportunity. And let’s say I do. Let’s say I get over the emotional part of it and I’m like, ‘OK, I’ll give him this opportunity.’ Who knows if he’s gonna back out or have some excuse then or have the chest infection or not show up at the press conference? So it’s looking bad for him. And part of me just wants to be cynical and not ever give him this payday or this opportunity ever again,” Paul said.

“He’s just an embarrassment. You let your country down, you let your team down, and you let a lot of people who hate me down. And you missed out on the biggest opportunity of your life, I think, and I think you know that.”

Time will tell if the fight with Tommy Fury happens again, but first things first, Jake Paul has to get past Tyron Woodley once again, on December 18th. It will be interesting to see what happens after that.

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