Jake Paul Put Up 500K KO Bonus To Woodley To End Fraud Rumors

Jake Paul is putting up some incentive to stop the rumors.

Jake Paul and Tyron Woodley are officially running it back. Woodley is stepping back into the ring with Paul after Paul’s original opponent, Tommy Fury, was injured. Paul already beat Woodley in their first outing and vowed never to rematch him again.

However, here they are getting ready to battle again. After the first fight, people accused Paul of fixing his fights, with one rumor stating that it was in Woodley’s contract that he couldn’t KO Paul. So instead, they believe Woodley held back after having Paul on the ropes.

Tyron Woodley Jake Paul
(via Amanda Wescott/Showtime)

To put an end to these rumors, Paul has decided to sweeten Woodley’s deal.

“You know, there’s rumors going around that everyone has come to believe that my fights are rigged or that I don’t allow my opponents to knock me out in the contracts, and it’s just not true,” Paul said on The MMA Hour. “It’s completely bullshit. Of course, all these people are gonna do is try to discredit me because when you’re at the top, that’s what happens. So I just want to nip the rumors in the (bud) and give my opponent contractual—contractually, I’m giving Tyron an extra $500,000 if he can knock me out.”

Paul is a YouTuber turned boxer. He has been known as a joker but seems to be taking his boxing career very seriously. He has had high praise from some reputable fighters recently. He has now won four boxing matches and is looking for his fifth. Despite the doubts from fans, Paul is claiming everything is on the up and up, and the 500K bonus proves that.

“So it just nips the rumors in the (bud) and shows that all of my fights have been real, all real, and will continue to be real. It’s illegal to rig a fight or to stage a fight. It’s illegal to have things like that because it’s fraud. You can’t change the outcome of a professionally sanctioned bout. It’s illegal. You’ll end up in jail. So the fact that people even say this, we just wanted to squash the rumors.”

Woodley is, of course, a former UFC champion and not necessarily known as a boxer. Although he lost the first outing, he has been campaigning for the rematch ever since. He feels he can defeat Paul in a second go at it.

Paul vs. Woodley will take place on Dec. 18 in Tampa Bay, FL.

Do you think Woodley can pull off the win and the KO for the extra $500,000?

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