Friday, December 9, 2022

Kayla Harrison: It Would Only Take Me One Arm To Beat Julianna Peña

Kayla Harrison doesn’t think Julianna Peña would fare well against her.

At UFC 269, Peña submitted Amanda Nunes to become the new bantamweight champion, and recently, she took a shot at Nunes’ training partner Harrison. She claimed the PFL champion is a B-League fighter, which Harrison did not take kindly.

Although Harrison has not signed yet, she was asked about a potential fight against Peña after her comments. To no surprise, the two-time Olympic gold medalist believes she would beat Peña with ease.

“I think that Julianna, you know, congrats to her for her victory, I know she must be on cloud nine right now, and I would just caution her to be careful. You don’t say stuff like that to people like me unless you mean it,” Harrison said to TMZ Sports. “This isn’t like a ‘Conor McGregor, let’s just talk a little sh*t.’ Don’t bite off more than you can chew. And I have a lot of respect for her as well. She went out there and she executed a great game plan, and she did what she had to do. But I’m not the lesser of anything or anyone or anybody. When I come to fight, you’re gonna know you’re in a fight. Be careful what you say.

Kayla Harrison
Photo by Dave Mandel/Invicta FC

“I think it’s just dumb, too. She fights at 135, I fight at, right now, 155, so unless you’re willing to back it up, then don’t say stuff like that, you know, just don’t open that can of worms,” Harrison continued. “Don’t go there… Honestly, I’d probably have to chop off my arm to make 135. ’45, I can make, but I’d have to chop off an arm to make 135, and I think that it only would take me one arm to beat her.”

Even though Kayla Harrison and Julianna Peña are taking shots at one another, it’s unlikely they will ever fight each other. Harrison is not in the UFC yet, and she competes at featherweight and lightweight while Peña is a bantamweight and has even expressed interest in going to 125lbs.

What do you make of Kayla Harrison claiming she could beat Julianna Peña with one arm?