Friday, December 9, 2022

Masvidal Calls on Paul, McGregor, Covington or Edwards to “Sign The Contract”

Jorge Masvidal is no longer holding back and is calling out some potential opponents.

Jorge Masvidal is gearing up for a fight. Although he doesn’t have one name in mind, he is now calling for a bunch of fighters to answer his call.

Masvidal has taken to his Instagram to make a few call-outs while filming a video of himself skiing. In the post, he expresses his feeling about a few of the most popular fighters today and asks for them to sign a contract.

“I’m off the injury list and these little b—hes don’t want to sign the contract. The contracts have been handed,” Masvidal said (via Sportskeeda.) “It’s in their f—ing face, they know I’m off the injury list. I’m trying to get some paychecks, but in the meantime, since I can’t rip these b—hes up, I’m going to rip these mountains up.”

Masvidal did have a fight lined up with Leon Edwards for Dec. 11; however, Masvidal was forced out of that fight after suffering from an injury. He claims he is healed up now and could entertain rescheduling with Edwards.

Masvidal is one of the most wanted fighters on the UFC roster at this time. He seems to have his choice of multiple opponents. He named a few top prospects while on top of the mountain.

“You little pu–ies got to blurt my name out, then actually sign the contract. From that little actress that works at Disney Channel [Jake Paul], forgot his name, he just fought. To the little b—h that sells cheap-a-s whiskey [Conor McGregor] to the fragile motherf—-er that’s always getting his face broken [Colby Covington] – all you little b—-hes can get it, man,” Masvidal said. “The one who’s in England that was talking s–t [Leon Edwards], you too, man. Come on, one of you sign the dotted line. Let’s go. Yes, I’m going to embarrass you and knock you the f–k out.”

The most likely options from this bunch seem to be Covington and Edwards. As mentioned, Edwards had agreed to face Masvidal earlier this year and could very well agree to do so again, especially with champion Kamaru Usman asking for time off.

Another possible scenario is Masvidal and Covington being paired together, perhaps even coaching opposite each other on a season of The Ultimate Fighter. This is something that they both have expressed interest in.

Whichever option should come to light, fans will be happy to see Masvidal healed up and ready to get back to work.

Who from this list would you like to see Jorge Masvidal face next?