Saturday, January 22, 2022

MMA Fighter Knocks His Opponent Out Of The Cage With Flying Knee

Brazilian MMA fighter Romero Reis put on quite the performance at a recent event, knocking his opponent out of the cage with a flying knee.

Reis had come into the fight with a 5-5 record, but he earned what was arguably the most impressive win of his career at Home Fight Championship 3. After landing some hard low kicks on Diogo Galo, he followed it up with a flying knee that landed flush near the cage door, sending Galo flying.

Check out Reis’ incredible moment below.

Romero Reis’ Finish Is One Of The Most Unusual KOs In Years

Reis’ win over Galo was a rematch a little over a year in the making, after he knocked out Galo with a similar combination at a Pitbull Fight Championship event. Entering his rematch with Galo, Reis earned a first-round submission earlier this year against Alberto Baydek Monteiro Junior.

The flying knee knockout has become increasingly more common since Jorge Masvidal viciously finished Ben Askren with the technique at UFC 239.

After losses in three of his first four professional fights, Reis has surely risen his stock with another wild knockout on the Brazilian regional MMA scene. He could be a name to watch over the next few years as his skill set continues to develop.

What is your reaction to Romero Reis’ vicious knockout?

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