Friday, December 2, 2022

MMA Fighter Saves Wife & Sister-In-Law From Deadly Tornado

MMA Fighter Brian Brooks rescued his wife and sister-and-law from one of last weekend’s lethal tornadoes that took 88 lives.

Many states and communities were hit hard by tornadoes last Friday and Saturday, including Brooks’ hometown of Mayfield, Kentucky. While Brooks was home with his daughter and granddaughter Friday night, he received a very concerning phone call.

“It’s my wife,” Brooks told Fox News. “She calls and tells me she loves me, that she’s trapped, and they’re smashed. And she hung up.”

Kentucky suffered the biggest impact of all the states affected by the tornadoes. There were at least 74 fatalities in Kentucky and at least 100 people missing. After receiving the phone call from his wife, Brooks took swift action to ensure that his wife and sister-and-law were not included in this tragic list.

“I jumped in the truck and flew to her,” Brooks said.

Brooks’ wife and sister-and-law were trapped inside the candle factory where Brooks’ wife was employed. The business was destroyed by the tornado, and eight of this weekend’s fatalities were people who were at this factory, which is owned by Mayfield Consumer Products.

If not for his colorful shoes, the MMA fighter may not have been able to find the two women.

“She knew it was me … she started hollering, ‘Brian,'” Brooks said in reference to his sister-and-law recognizing him by his eccentric footwear. “I was like, ‘Oh my God,’ and started trying to pull, but the roof, candle wax barrels, bathroom walls, rafters, everything was on top of them.”

After Brooks was able to pull them out, they were sent to the hospital and released Monday. Despite some bumps and bruises, both women are expected to make a full recovery.

“They didn’t think they were ever going to see us again,” the MMA fighter said. “I’m so grateful…I just want to say my prayers for everybody who wasn’t so lucky.”

Brian Brooks has an MMA record of 1-3. He made his debut in 2010 and most recently competed at Cage of Honor 78 in a TKO loss to Nathan Stearns in 2019.

You can view Brooks’ testimony about his timely rescue below.