Friday, December 9, 2022

O’Malley Feels Woodley Ruined His Legacy With KO Loss To Jake Paul

Ranked UFC bantamweight Sean O’Malley thinks the legacy of Tyron Woodley took a massive hit this weekend.

Like most of the combat sports world, O’Malley tuned in on Saturday night to see Woodley box Jake Paul for the second time. The active UFC fighter witnessed Paul pull off a sixth-round knockout, flooring Woodley with a wailing overhand right.

Jake Paul KOs Tyron Woodley with thunderous right hand in rematch
Image Credit: AP

O’Malley described his viewing experience, mentioning how the knockout caught him off guard after a fairly slow-paced fight before then.

“I was watching them on my laptop with my eyes kind of shutting. It was the sixth round getting closer to the end of the fight. It looked like it was probably gonna go all eight [rounds] and it was a close fight,” said O’Malley on Episode 168 of the TimboSugarShow. “I didn’t really know who I had necessarily winning each round. But, out of f*cking nowhere, [Paul] slept him… bad!”

O’Malley Says Woodley’s Legacy Has Been Damaged

Jake Paul, Tyron Woodley
Jake Paul, Tyron Woodley, Credit: AP Photo

Woodley, a former UFC welterweight champion, has now lost two boxing bouts to Paul. O’Malley sees the outcome as something that has damaged his reputation greatly. However, he also mentioned its important how Woodley feels about the loss.

“Dude, it completely destroyed his f*cking legacy,” said O’Malley, who just pulled off a win two weekends ago at UFC 269.

O’Malley compared the outcome to Ben Askren’s loss to Paul. He mentioned how Askren seemed comfortable with losing, even after it happened. However, he also said that not just anybody can feel that way about a loss.

“That could affect Tyron Woodley big time, or he could just be completely unattached to that and still be happy. That’s a f*cking skill that you have to require.”

Did Tyron Woodley’s loss to Jake Paul damage his legacy?