Friday, December 9, 2022

Roberto Abreu, BJJ Standout, Sued Over Alleged Sexual Assault Cover-Up

Former Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu world champion Roberto Abreu has been sued by a woman who was allegedly sexually assaulted at his gym.

This comes after Marcel Goncalves, a former instructor at Abreu’s gym in Naples, FL, had been charged with sexual assault of a minor. A warrant was then issued for his arrest and it is widely believed that Goncalves is on the run in his native Brazil.

Abreu has not been directly accused of sexual assault but has been accused of covering it up at his gym. The lawsuit insinuates that Abreu was aware of the assaults and failed to put an end to them and protect the alleged victims.

Michelle Simpson Tuegel, the victim’s attorney who also was involved in the Larry Nassar/U.S. Gymnastics case, put out the following statement on the lawsuit against Abreu.

“While Marcel Gonçalves committed these despicable acts, Abreu and Fight Sports enabled the abuse and failed to ensure the safety of the minors under their care,” Tuegel said. “We sadly expect there are other victims in this sport, and we would encourage them to report the abuse so the adults who failed to protect minor athletes are held accountable.” (h/t Bloody Elbow)

The investigation into Abreu, Goncalves, and the alleged sexual abuse at the gym is ongoing and it’s unclear whether Abreu will face criminal charges.

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