Sean Strickland Targets Dillashaw In Call For USADA Lifetime Bans

Sean Strickland is taking aim at all fighters who have failed USADA testing, especially TJ Dillashaw.

Sean Stickland is a fighter who is constantly in the news for things he says. Whether he is calling out fighters or starting drama, he is not one to hold back. His latest target is on all fighters who have failed drug testing. Strickland went on a Twitter rampage on Thursday to call out for stricter punishments for U.S Anti-Doping Agency (USADA) violations.

“Only thing @usantidoping is good at is catching broke fighters who can’t afford good shit lol! Steroids should be a lifetime ban,” Strickland wrote. “@TJDillashaw
is the absolute scum of the earth and should never be allowed to compete I’m the UFC again. You ruined people’s careers you’re scum.”

Strickland is mentioning TJ Dillashaw by name in his Tweet. Dillashaw has just returned from a two-year suspension after failing a USADA drug test back in 2019. Since the USADA program was instated by the UFC back in 2015, 127 fighters have been handed suspension due to violations, according to the USADA website. Of those 127 fighters, the length of suspensions can range from four months to two years. Some fighters have been simply given a warning.

Nick Diaz was famously suspended for five years following his drug test failures but that was by the Nevada State Athletic Commission, not USADA. Strickland does not see these timeframes as sufficient enough punishments. He would like to see any fighter testing positive be banned for life. He even went in on Jon Jones as well. When asked about Jones specifically, Strickland responded.

“Greatest fighter to ever step in the ufc completely erased by doping,” he wrote.

Jones was suspended by USADA for the use of Clomiphen and Letrozole back 2016. His suspension lasted one year. He was then suspended for 15 months in 2018 for Chlorine-substituted Anabolic Steroid.

Many fighters will just simply return to fighting following suspension. If it were up to Strickland, that would not be the case. Strickland has also recently targeted middleweight champion Israel Adesanya for what Strickland believes is physical evidence of drug use.

Do you think UFC fighters should receive harsher punishments for USADA violations?

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