Monday, November 28, 2022

Sean Strickland Explains Why He Hates The “Retarded” Sport of Boxing

Sean Strickland is known for his striking and boxing inside the UFC Octagon, but he isn’t a fan of boxing as a sport.

Strickland is known for speaking his mind on whatever topic comes up, and on Twitter on Wednesday, he spoke about why he doesn’t like boxing. He says he can go months in MMA in training and take zero brain damage, but as he is about to spar boxing for 25 minutes, he will receive a ton of brain damage.

“Let me tell you why I absolutely hate boxing. I can go months with mma and take ZERO brain damage. I’m about to box for 25 minutes and even if I dominate I’m going to receive some brain damage. Absolutely retarded sport…,” Strickland wrote on Twitter.

Although Strickland believes he takes more brain damage in boxing, he does take some in MMA as well. No matter what sport, you are getting punched in the head in both, but perhaps Strickland believes he is hit more in the head in boxing, as in MMA, you can grapple and throw kicks to the leg and body. The good news for Strickland is he is in MMA and doesn’t have to do boxing if he doesn’t want to and can just focus on MMA striking.

Sean Strickland (24-3) is currently ranked #7 at middleweight and is set to headline a Fight Night card on February 5 against Jack Hermansson. He’s coming off a lopsided decision win over Uriah Hall, and should he beat ‘The Joker,’ he could very well be closing in on a title shot.

Since coming back from a motorcycle accident, Strickland is 4-0, which also included a move to middleweight. Since coming back, he beat Jack Marshman by decision, TKO’d Brendan Allen, and holds decision victories over Krzysztof Jotko and Uriah Hall in his first UFC main event.

What do you make of Sean Strickland’s take on boxing?