Friday, December 9, 2022

Tommy Fury Shares X-ray Of Broken Rib That Forced Him Out Of Fight

Tommy Fury has shared the x-ray of his broken rib that has forced him to pull out of his upcoming boxing match against Jake Paul.

Fury had been vocal about the fact that he would be able to beat Paul with ease and his half-brother in the heavyweight champ of the world in Tyson Fury even said Tommy would win with broken ribs and a hand tied behind his back. With that, Paul was frustrated to hear the news that the Englishman was forced to pull out.

“So originally, it was just like a chest infection that we had known of, and then the broken rib thing they threw in there last minute. So I really don’t know. The whole entire thing seems shady,” Paul said.

Now, after all the questions of whether or not he really had an injury, Tommy Fury took to social media to show off his x-ray of the broken rib.

Tommy Fury released an X-ray of his injury

To no surprise, it did show a broken rib and the hope for him to rebook the fight sometime in the new year. However, on a media call on Monday, Jake Paul said he isn’t sure if he will sign up to fight Fury again.

“I was throwing up from the pain , I was doubled over. I literally got my bag and went straight to the hospital for an MRI scan and got the results back the same day,” Fury said. “The results showed I had a clean break and I had multiple fractures. For the following week I still thought I could fight but then it took the doctor and my whole team to say you cant fight. Even now it hasn’t sunk in that I’m not fighting. My only focus is getting a new fight date set and recovering.”

As he said, Tommy Fury will be healing up his broken rib and will no doubt be paying close attention to Paul-Woodley 2.

Would you like to see Tommy Fury vs. Jake Paul be rebooked?