Friday, September 30, 2022

Woodley: Paul ‘Put A Bag’ On His Own Head With $500,000 KO Bonus

Tyron Woodley is willing and excited to take advantage of the knockout clause in his rematch with Jake Paul.

On the back of losing a boxing match to Paul early this year, Woodley faced comments from people like Dillon Danis, who claimed that he had a clause stating that he was not allowed to knock out the YouTuber. This resulted in a different kind of clause ahead of their short notice rematch after the former UFC champion replaced Tommy Fury, this time with Paul offering a $500,000 bonus if T-Wood is able to knock him out.

Speaking to media at a recent media scrum, Woodley was asked about this bonus, and whether or not it gave him added motivation for this December 18th pay-per-view main event. Here, he said that while he did not need the added reason to try scoring a knockout over Paul, having this half a million dollar potential tip attached is something he simply can not pass up.

“At the end of the day, you put a bag on your own head, and shit, I’m completely all about taking that free money. So I had plans on doing that anyway, but if he wants to entice me a little bit more, you don’t offer a kid from Ferguson half a bag to go out there and do what he wanted to do anyway. So yeah, it does put motivation,” Woodley said.

“You don’t put a bounty on your own fucking head and think I’m not going to take it. For sure, I’m motivated by money. I’m motivated by legacy. I’m motivated by greatness. I’m motivated by redemption. So when people say it’s not about the money for me, they’re fucking lying. Why would you be prizefighting if you didn’t want to get a prize?” Woodley added.

“Definitely it’s additional motivation. You’ll see me walking away with another five hundred thousand.”

Considering the fact that Tyron Woodley got a tattoo of Jake Paul’s name on his middle finger by following through with a bet stemming from their first fight, it is only fair that he has the potential for a positive addition in exchange for taking this short notice rematch. That said, considering that the former champ’s last knockout was when he won the UFC title in 2016, some might think it is a safe bet for Paul to make.

Did Paul take an unnecessary risk by offering Woodley an extra $500,000 if he can knock him out?

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