Saturday, January 22, 2022

Watch: MMA Fighter Loses Fight Via Vomiting

An MMA fighter recently lost a fight in quite the sudden and unexpected manner— vomiting.

Week after week, one thing we continue to learn about this sport of ours is that anything can happen on any given night and anywhere around the world. Yet another example of this was provided at the Fighting Alliance Championship 11 event on December 10 in Independence, Missouri.

In the second bout of the night, flyweights Justin Little and Van San competed in an amateur MMA bout. Fans in attendance were still getting settled in for the evening when something quite unsettling took place.

Van San landed a push kick to the body, prompting Little to vomit. This brought an automatic end to the bout, awarding Van San the TKO victory. You can peep the finish yourself below.

“Push kick, the vomit, that is a medical TKO. Automatic stoppage under the Unified Rules of MMA. Vomit equals an immediate medical TKO,” the commentator stated.

With the win, Van San moves to 3-1 in his amateur record, while Justin Little falls to 0-3.

You can check out the full Fighting Alliance Championship 11 results right here.

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