Saturday, October 1, 2022

Woodley Says Jake Paul Tattoo Is Not A Motivator Ahead Of Rematch

Tyron Woodley is not stressing about having “I Love Jake Paul” tattooed on his finger.

After losing a split decision to Paul in August, Woodley agreed to and followed through on a bet that saw him get the YouTuber’s name tattooed on his middle finger in exchange for an immediate rematch.

At first, it seemed that this was not going to happen, as Paul was slated to face Tommy Fury. But when Fury got injured, the former UFC welterweight champion was tapped in for the December 18th contest.

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Some might think that this constant reminder of losing to Paul would motivate Woodley to train harder and be more aggressive, but that is not entirely the case. Speaking in a recent media scrum, he explained that the tattoo has nearly faded, and he plans to make up for it by knocking Paul out this weekend.

“It’s not really a motivator, it’s a part of the story. I watch some of my peers walk around with some dumb ass shit tattooed on their face, that they gotta live with ‘till their 80 years old. It’s just a reminder what we did, what we created,” Woodley said.

“I never looked at the (first) fight ‘till about a week ago when All Access was coming in to shoot the All Access shit, and I never saw how many people was there,” Woodley added. “I never saw how crazy and how electric the fucking arena was, and this is a part of the story… It’s almost gone by the way, so I don’t have to look at it too much longer, and when I go out there and knock his ass out on Saturday, I’m not even gonna trip about this tattoo.”

Well, there is no denying that Tyron Woodley was able to properly game the system by getting this tattoo in a way that worked for him while still helping to get him the Jake Paul rematch that he wanted. The two will settle the score this weekend in a Showtime Boxing PPV main event taking place in Florida.

Watch the full media scrum below:

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