Saturday, January 22, 2022

Cormier: Like It Or Not, There Are Different Rules For Conor McGregor

Daniel Cormier knows that the regular UFC rules do not apply to Conor McGregor.

Daniel Cormier spent seven years in the UFC. During his time there, he was both light heavyweight champion and heavyweight champion. He was one of the biggest names at the time, but even he could see that it was nothing compared to Conor McGregor.

Now that he is retired from fighting, Cormier is asked quite often what he thinks about current events in the UFC, and he has no problem speaking his mind.

Cormier was recently interviewed by The Schmo and was asked about Conor McGregor possibly getting a title shot in his return. Now, most people might agree that that is not something that should be happening next for the slumping McGregor, but Cormier is a realist. He knows the rules do not apply to McGregor.

“Honestly, I really do believe that there are different rules in regards to Conor,” Cormier told The Schmo. “And people might not like it, people may hate it but if he is healthy and he starts to chirp and Oliveira is chirping back at him and there is fan interest, I can see a world where it happens. But again, it would make so many people upset – ultimately a lot of times it comes down to dollars and cents.”

McGregor is the most popular fighter on the roster and is by far the biggest earner for the company. If anyone can receive a title shot coming off two consecutive losses and a broken leg, it would be him. Cormier is right that money talks and not just from a UFC brass point of view but to his potential opponents as well.

McGregor is probably the most called out fighter in the UFC. Anyone close to his weight class has been asking for him. Champion Charles Oliveira has already welcomed the idea of McGregor getting his shot, no doubt because of the money the fight would earn him.

McGregor is still healing up from his broken leg. Only time will tell if he gets his wish and fights for a title upon his return to the lightweight division.

Would you like to see McGregor get an immediate lightweight title shot?

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