Friday, December 9, 2022

Jake Paul Releases Poll On What Dana White Should Give UFC Fighters More

Jake Paul has been an advocate for fighter pay, and that has only intensified over the recent days and weeks.

Paul has taken shots at Dana White for nearly a year now on how little fighters are getting paid in the UFC. Over the past few days, he gave White an offer to increase minimum pay and give fighters health care among other things. And if White complied, Paul would retire from boxing and fight Jorge Masvidal in the UFC.

Happy new year Dana White. Here is a real challenge for you… I will immediately retire from boxing and fight Jorge Masvidal in the UFC if you agree to:

1) Increase min fighter pay per fight to $50K (it’s $12K now)
2) Guarantee UFC fighters 50% of UFC annual revenues ($1bn in 2021)
3) Provide longterm healthcare to all fighters (you previously said brain damage is part of the gig…imagine the NFL said that). There are many UFC alums who have publicly said they are suffering from brain damage

You have 5 days to accept and to implement the above by March 31, 2022. Once implemented I will immediately retire from boxing, enter USADA and agree to a 1 fight deal with UFC to fight weak chin Jorge

To all UFC fighters — time to take a stand and create value for yourselves and peers. You deserve higher pay, you deserve long term healthcare and above all you deserve freedom. Support each other. I am not your enemy, I am your advocate…who selfishly wants to KO a few of you to make some big bank

White, of course, did not agree to that and instead blasted Paul with accusations of steroid abuse. So the YouTuber-turned-boxer created a poll on Twitter asking fans which perk for UFC fighters takes higher priority.

“Dana White has 2 days left to respond to my offer but not a peep. Dana Dana Dana? What y’all think Dana should do more,” with the two options being to give fighters healthcare and increase minimum pay.

At the time of this writing, healthcare was leading with the way with nearly 58% of the votes, with 38,000 people voting.

To some, that may come as a surprise, as fighter pay is the big talking point; however, healthcare is something many people, including Paul, believe should be included for UFC fighters, especially after their career is done.

At this point, it seems like the feud between Jake Paul and Dana White is not ending anytime soon.

Are you surprised by Jake Paul’s poll results?