Thursday, September 29, 2022

Mark Hunt Challenges Dana White & Fertitta Brothers To Fight

Former UFC fighter Mark Hunt has proposed a potential fight with UFC’s top figures to potentially drop his lawsuit against them.

Hunt has been in a legal battle with the UFC for years. He first took them to court over his 2017 bout against Brock Lesnar. He alleged that the promotion knew Lesnar was taking performance-enhancing substances but allowed him to fight Hunt anyway.

While most of his lawsuit was thrown out by a U.S. District Court in Nevada, a recent ruling in the court of appeals brought his allegation of fraud and battery back to life.

Hunt recently issued a statement online saying he is willing to drop his lawsuit if he loses a fight to Dana White, Frank, and Lorenzo Fertitta. On the flip side, he wants a win for him to mean UFC would pay talent they have “ripped off.”

“Mark the super Samoan vs Dana the parasite White Lorenzo Fertita and Frank Fertita,” Hunt began in an Instagram post. “5 rounds mma these losers @danawhite frank Fertita Lorenzo Fertita has sucked the life out of so many fighters him and his scum friends -u win I drop the law suit-I win u pay every fighter u have ripped off since @ufc started now who would pay to see that.”

The United States District Court in Nevada recently ordered Hunt to pay nearly $400,000 to cover UFC’s legal fees. The ruling for Hunt to pay legal fees was made months back and was uncovered recently by Combat Sports Law.

The order for Hunt to pay the fees was made due to a part of Hunt’s contract with the UFC, which allows them to be awarded money for “its attorney’s fees and costs” if they are the “prevailing party” in a lawsuit. UFC was able to dismiss numerous motions in the case.

“Because I find that UFC is entitled to attorneys’ fees and costs under the parties’ agreement, its request is reasonable, and its motion is ripe, I grant UFC’s motion in its entirety,” said the Nevada court in a document dated March 25th, 2021.

What do you make of Mark Hunt’s challenge?

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