Friday, December 9, 2022

O’Malley Understands Why Fighters Who Don’t Draw Aren’t Paid Well

Sean O’Malley understands why some fighters aren’t getting the money they’d like.

The UFC‘s fighter pay has been a hot topic for quite some time. Recently, it’s gained more traction since Jake Paul has called out UFC President Dana White multiple times about how he and the company underpay their fighters.

While each fighter has their own opinion, it seems as though many fighters stand by Paul’s opinions in thinking that they are underpaid. Some fighters get paid as little as $10,000 to $30,000 while a select few make around or a little north of $500,000 per fight.

#12-ranked bantamweight Sean O’Malley addressed the topic yesterday on his YouTube channel during his most recent episode of TimboSugarShow. O’Malley seems to support White based on the numbers.

“Dude, like I don’t even blame Dana. It’s like some of these f*cking people have zero following. They’re not making the UFC one hundred thousand. I mean, they’re not making the UFC fifty thousand. They’re not making the UFC any money really. But that’s from a business perspective, from Dana’s business perspective, I can see that,” said O’Malley.

Jake Paul, on the other hand, thinks fighters are underpaid, they don’t receive the right medical attention, and that the fighter’s minimum should be increased. Paul made a proposal to Dana White that he’d retire from the sport of boxing if was granted permission from the UFC to box Jorge Masvidal. In the proposal, White would pay his fighters $50,000 minimum per fight, 50% revenue for the first five years, and long-term healthcare.

At the end of the day, the UFC is a business and operates as such. They would probably agree with O’Malley’s take in regards to how the majority of the fighters don’t generate that much revenue for the company.

Do you think fighters are currently underpaid in the UFC?