Wednesday, September 28, 2022

Report: UFC Pay-Per-View Prices To Increase To $74.99

UFC fans will have to shell out a little extra to enjoy pay-per-views (PPVs) this year.

It isn’t cheap to be a UFC fan these days. Fans of the UFC have to pay more to watch the events than almost any other sport out there. And now, early reports indicate that the prices will be going up again. According to Mark La Monica of Newsday Sports, the ordering price of a UFC PPV will be increasing to $74.99 this year.

The rise in price is not something new to fans. It seems that each new year has been met with rising PPV prices. Last year the price was increased by $5, from $64.99 up to $69.99. Now, the jump is once again $5 heading into the first big event of 2022.

Not only did the price per PPV event rise, but the price of an ESPN+ subscription has gone up from $89.98 to $99.98 per year. The subscription will get you access to all Fight Night cards but not PPV events.

In 2021 the UFC held 13 PPV events throughout the year. This year it will cost fans $975 to view all PPV events assuming there will be an equal number in 2022. The UFC caught some criticism when they originally decide to move their PPV model over to ESPN+. Fans were not happy about the increase in charges, but the UFC continues to break records left and right.

Just recently, Conor McGregor was bragging about the number of PPV buys he has done in his career. Additionally, Dana White is notoriously boastful about the UFC’s ability to sell-out crowds and put up amazing numbers for their big events. Even with records being broken, the prices continue to rise while fighters complain about their pay.

The increase will begin later this month when the first PPV event of 2022 takes place. UFC 270 goes down on Jan. 22 and features a heavyweight championship clash between Francis Ngannou and Ciryl Gane live from Las Vegas, Nevada.

Will you be willing to hand out $74.99 per PPV in the new year?

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